Who are the Zeds?

Zeds are your own little characters. They crave sleep, but never seem to get any because they’re running through yours.

Record your sleep and Zeds will play your dreams.

What's it all about?

Record Your Dreams

Record Your Sleep

Pop the Zeds game under your pillow to record your sleep.

Play Your Dreams

Play your dreams

The Zeds game will generate a track filled with sleep monsters based on every sleep you record.

Level Up

Level Up

Your little Zeds gain experience when they complete tracks. More experience means more points!

Cool Featurezzzzzz

  • unlimited levels

    Unlimited Levels

    Ever-changing levels based on sleep data that can be saved, replayed and shared with friends.

  • customize your zed

    Customise Your Zed

    Gather points to rank up your Zeds to unlock special items and customise them!

  • learn about sleep

    Learn About Sleep

    Find out about your sleep habits, what they mean, and how you can get better sleep!